Apple has announced the release of its latest version of iOS, with minor, but noteworthy changes over iOS 8.

Siri was a major focus in this update, adding functionality more competitive with the rival – Google Now. Siri will be more intelligent, providing contextual responses and suggestions, sometimes before you even ask. For example, if Siri is asked to “find photos from Texas last March,” Siri will find and display the applicable images on your iPhone. Additionally, Apple introduced a new search API that will enable developers to take advantage of Siri functionality.

Caller ID also was improved. If an incoming call isn’t saved into the devices contacts, iOS will attempt to guess who it might be based on other information, such as your emails.

Reminders will also be more tightly integrated with your calendar, automatically presenting reminders when your next event is scheduled. As with Caller ID, your device will offer suggestions for events based on your email messages.

Multitasking for iPads was updated to allow new app switching and split-screen viewing. You will now have the ability to browse photos or watch videos while other apps are open.

Finally, as par with Apple updates, iOS 9 will also enhance device performance and increase battery life with new lower-power modes.

Expect to see iOS 9 later this year.