Apple’s most important event of the year took place this morning, and the long-awaited iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were unveiled! In case you weren’t able to tune in, here’s what to expect from the new iPhone:

Home Button

Home Button The home button has been re-engineered to Force Touch technology, much like the new MacBooks, meaning that it is no longer a button that is pressed, but one that simulates a button press. (Read More)


Camera The iPhone 7 12-megapixel camera lens now features image stabilization, and the 7 Plus features a dual-lens camera system for a more professional-grade experience. (Read More)

Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack The rumors have been confirmed, and the headphone jack is no more! Apple is pioneering the move to wireless audio for mobile, and providing us with Lightning EarPods in the meantime. (Read More)

iOS 10

iOS 10 The “biggest iOS release ever,” according to Tim Cook, will be available for download September 13, with new features like Apple HomeKit, and improvements with Siri, Apple Music, and more. (Read More)

Water Resistance

Water Resistance For the first time ever, the iPhone is both water and dust-resistant. Bring on the splash! (Read More)

Oh, and Pokemon GO will soon be available for iWatch. (Read More)

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available for presale September 9, in the typical silver, gold, rose gold, in addition to two new black finishes starting at $649. (Read More)