SoLoMo? If you’re intimidated by this new acronym, don’t be. SoLoMo simply is a phrase for today’s three biggest trends: SOcial, LOcal, and MObile. So if you’re a small business, or if you want to drive local traffic, SoLoMo is an acronym you should begin including in your vocabulary.

The fact is, for most brick-and-mortar type businesses, your customers are using their smartphones to make local decisions. Furthermore, and something not to take lightly, people who use smartphones to gather local information will just about always act on that information. This translates into a small window of opportunity for you to capture consumer interest and provide the information or incentive they want, in the format they use.

And what is this incredible format? Here’s a no-brainer, it’s mobile applications that are driving the bulk of this engagement. To illustrate, consider the fact that 81.5% of smartphone users spend time using mobile apps, in glaring contrast with 18.5% of smartphone users who spend time using mobile Web browsers. And if you have long-term vision, it is unanimously agreed that this percent is not going to get any less significant.

Mobile apps are a tool to engage and capitalize on local users in real-time, and the following infographic truly drives this point home. 80% of smartphone users access social media on their device, and over half are doing so on a daily basis. Beyond accessing social media on their smartphones, mobile users are using their devices to discover what is nearby, followed immediately by a purchasing decision. 94% of smartphone users have searched for local information, 90% have acted within 24 hours, and 66% have visited the store in person. It’s clear that smartphones are a tool to “assist” users while shopping, and localized businesses can leverage how this tool is used.

Five ways to make the most of SoLoMo are as follows:
1. Optimize for local searches
2. Have users opt-in to your mobile promotions and news
3. Embrace transparency with social proof
4. Give locals the information they need
5. Consider location-based promotions and deals!

Below is a beautiful infographic, created by monetate: