Hey look! It’s a bird, a plane, a… mobile elite? In every organization there are those handfuls of individuals who consistently perform at a higher level than average, and seem to possess some sort of super-human ability. So what is their secret? The referenced ‘mobile elite’ are using personal devices, along with a variety of apps to enhance productivity and increase customer engagement. 67% say it’s making them more productive, 35% say it aids in better collaboration, and 33% say it allows for better customer service.
These heroes are the people driving innovation and change, but at what costs? While the mobile elite have good at heart, they are more than twice as likely to download unauthorized apps to get the job done. 84% report having done this, in stark contrast with 75% of organization who say this behavior is prohibited.

So wait a second, does this make the organizations themselves the antagonist in this storyline? If organizations are standing in the way of progress and productivity then it sure seems that way.

The important takeaway to understand here is the value of mobile and supporting the mobile elite in their efforts. Your heroes are agents of change and innovation, and are on a mission to get the job done as best as possible, by the best means possible. It is vital to support them in their pursuit, rather than fight them on change.

Check out this helpful infographic, compliments of Unisys and Forester Consulting: