Flurry Analytics examined the behaviors of consumers who heavily use their smartphone or tablet, a segment referred to as the “Mobile Addict”. Mobile Addicts are defined as consumers who launch apps more than 60 times per day. To put this in reference, the average consumer launches apps about 10 times per day.

More and More Addicts

The chart below shows overall growth in usage over the past year. Mobile Addicts are the fastest growing segment, with 123% growth between March 2013 and 2014. In March of 2014, there were approximately 176 million Mobile Addicts, up from 79 million this time last year.

Who’s Addicted?

Of Mobile Addicts, 52% were female and 48% male. The overall mobile user base is 48% female and 52% male, which means there are significantly more female addicts compared to male (15 million).

As for age, the most addicted users are teens, college students and… middle-age parents? Yep, the 35-54 age segment (Middle Aged) currently comprises 28% of all addicts.

As for persona, Mobile Addicts types differ from females to males. The chart below compares the percentage reach of each persona in the Mobile Addict segment compared to that same persona for the average mobile consumer.