Android Oreo & What to Know

After a months-long Developer Preview, Google has unveiled the final version of its next operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo. Along with a new name, the OS will bring a whole host of new features to mobile devices. It's still early days, but we've already got a long list of what to expect once the update [...]

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The Mobile Industry 6 Years Later

We’re now six years into the mobile revolution. A lot of innovation has taken place already, and it’s obvious the momentum is only growing. So where are we today? In the US, time spent on mobile devices continues to rise, today totaling 2 hours and 42 minutes per day. Of this time spent, app usage [...]

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Android Wear – Google’s Wearables Platform Is Here

Google is officially bringing Android to smartwatches. The project is called "Android Wear," at it will offer developers a free, open-source OS to develop in, just like Android smartphones and tablets. Anticipated features are fitness tracking, social media, messages, shopping notifications, and news. Unlike other smartwatches out there today, in addition to being an extension [...]

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The Lengths of Apple’s Secrets

Part of the enchantment of Apple is its ability to surprise everyone with its products. The company’s extreme privacy has sparked up many groups dedicated to tearing down Apple’s erected walls, shattering their frosted windows, and breaking the chains holding their work-in-process products to desks. Groups like 9to5mac have deemed themselves “Apple Intelligence” by dedicating [...]

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April Fools Laughs from Google

Yesterday was April Fools Day, a chance for the young at heart to offer something unexpected. As always, Google delivered. Check out the following, they are worth a quick laugh! Google Nose (beta) Gmail Blue Google Treasure Mode Google Apps - Levity Algorithm

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“7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses”

The mobile revolution is opening new opportunities daily, and businesses are taking notice. After all, not since the internet has such a promising channel become mainstream. Follows are a few ways businesses are using mobile apps to generate additional revenue: 1. “Geo-Targeted Push Notifications” The basic idea here is to push notifications to smartphone users [...]

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Mobile App Development Checklist

If you choose to invest in a mobile strategy, it is important your app development process coincides with a structured plan. Below is a suggested plan for forming a mobile strategy. 1. Analyze your target audience: You probably have a good idea of who your brand’s audience is. It is valuable to layer this information [...]

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The iPad Mini: Video & Specs

There's the iPad, and then there's the iPad Mini. But before you think the iPad Mini is simply a smaller version of the iPad, check out the video below, featuring Jony Ive, Apple SVP of Design. Ive maintains that the iPad Mini is a whole new product, a "concentration" rather than a "reduction." Michael Tchao, [...]

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Apple Announces iPad Mini Launch

Steve Jobs said it would never happen. Referring to its functionality, Jobs sensed that "unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size,” an iPad Mini would be “dead on arrival.” But considering the recent popularity of 7 inch tablets, Apple [...]

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