Catalina Mobile Payments wished to create a mobile first GPR/Money transfer solution. Catalina also wanted to develop a system with a brandable, customizable mobile front end so that it could re-sell the solution as a white label solution for other providers. The Catalina concept was to create all the “plumbing” once tying together the multiple financial services and technologies needed, then leverage this technology repeatedly for other brands. As the AVAI Mobile Platform was built for just such implementations, AVAI Mobile was retained to design and deliver a mobile first FinTech solution for Catalina Mobile Payments.

Per the client’s design parameters, AVAI Mobile designed a secure, scalable, mobile financial technology platform. The platform was a full stack Amazon Web Service Implementation that provided the hooks and handles into multiple banking and financial transactions activities.

There were a number of challenges in designing the solution which included multilingual and multi-denomination capabilities as well as an administrative interface. The mobile user interface had to be secure, but easy to use. The money transfer design needed to support cash and credit loaded via a number of facilities, and then tie into multiple systems for cross border transfer and retrieval.

The majority of the core systems reside within the AWS architecture which spans multiple availability zones.