Apple’s First Mac Event in Ages

Apple’s keynote last week focused on its vision for the Mac and Apple TV. Notable highlights: a one-stop shop TV app, and the Touch Bar for Mac – an OLED display strip above your keyboard whose functionality changes depending on the application software you’re using. (Read More)

RIP Samsung Note7

Due to nearly 100 reported explosions caused by a faulty battery, production and sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 have been officially discontinued. (Read More)

iOS 10 Adoption Rate

If you’re an iPhone user, then you’re familiar with those pesky reminders to update your iOS. Turns out, they work! (Read More)

Google Pixel Announced

Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were officially released, featuring an unprecedented camera, endless cloud storage, VR-compatibility and more! (Read More)

Voting Plan Available on Facebook

Facebook is hoping to ease the complexity of voting with a new tool available in the Facebook app. The Voting Plan will provide a summary of candidates and propositions users can expect to see on their local ballot, serving as an unbiased guide pre-Election Day. (Read More)