Apple has kept their secrets close, divulging very little about how their products are planned and developed. Anyone savvy to business understands why this must occur for Apple to maintain a sustainable comparative advantage. But in the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung patent lawsuit, some new information has come to light about the internal operations of this super-genius. Follows are a few new insights that the trial has revealed thus far:

1. Marketing

  • iPhone, iPad marketing spending exceeded $1 Billion
  • Apple constantly surveys its customers on ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’
  • Apple actively does forecasting, showing they are sensitive to competitors

2. Design Process

  • There are 16 Industrial Designers that meet to formulate a design
  • Every designer is responsible for, and works on all active projects
  • Jony Ive, Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, assigned a designer to develop a model of what an iPhone would look like if Sony created one
  • Early iPads had a kickstand
  • Early iPhone design mirrored today’s iPhone 5

3. Engineering

  • The iPhone software team borrowed developers from other projects, rather than acquire external help
  • iPhone development was called “Project Purple,” developed in secure location called “Purple Dorm”
  • Steve Jobs was open to a 7” iPad back in January of 2011