Mobile App Promotion

Even if you’ve created the best product ever, it will sit on the shelf unnoticed if you don’t tell people it’s out there.

The same is true for your mobile app. Without proper marketing, a well-designed, content-rich app thrown into the mix of 2,000,000+ apps will likely disappoint. A strategic marketing plan must be defined and executed in order for your mobile app to be truly successful in reaching your audience. The good news: this can be done very simply! We’ve outlined a few ways to successfully market your app using tools you’re already familiar with.

Advertise On Your Website.

Your website will often be the first place people look for news and updates, making it a great place to advertise your mobile app. As soon as the app is live, include a download link to the Apple and Google Play Stores, clearly visible near the top of your front page.

Take this a step further, and create a microsite for your app. This is a separate web page that could display screenshots, a detailed walk-through of the app’s features and benefits, a countdown to the release of the app, and links to download once the app is available in the Store. Be sure to keep keywords and SEO in mind, to increase traffic to your site.

Promote through Social Media

If you already have a strong social media presence, then you’re off to a great start. If not, consider creating a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page to promote news and updates on your organization. Social media is a simple and effective way of reaching your audience, on a platform that most are likely already using. With the launch of your app, you’ll definitely want to make use of that space to alert your followers. Studies show that 19% of apps downloaded are discovered through social media. Plan your social media efforts wisely, sending out weekly or daily reminders leading up to your app’s release. Get creative with it! Encourage followers to retweet, and create a demo video that shares app specifics and features to look forward to. Save your media dollars and engage with those already in your circle.

Go the extra mile and host an App Launch Party. Create an event on Facebook, share it with your followers, and throw a party in celebration of your new app! Make it a fun and engaging experience, and include your core users along with some press.

Spread the Word Through Email

Email is a great tool to raise awareness of your new app and share the news with people you’ve already been in contact with. Once your app is live, launch an email campaign in the form of a Press Release. Include screenshots of the app and encourage downloads with links to the App Store and Google Play. If you have a monthly newsletter, include a section that announces the release of your app.

Even before your app is live, send out an email that lets interested parties know the app is coming, along with links to your blog post or Facebook page so they can stay up-to-date.
Another simple way to leverage email would be to include download links in your email signature. Provide a URL link directly to your app within the iPhone store (in iTunes, right click on your app name and you should see the option to “Copy iTunes Store URL”).

Create Event Signage & Mention App In Programs

If your app is tied to a certain location or event, physical advertisements for your app can be useful in spreading the word and getting user attention. Display signs or hand out pamphlets where potential users might be present, and include a QR code on your signage that links them to the app store. Think of these as advertisements for your app, so you want to give attendees a taste of what they’ll get from downloading.

Tip: creating a QR code is simple, learn how here.

Make Announcements Onsite

If you’re already taking the stage to make announcements or welcome attendees, slip in a line about your mobile app. Just like with the signage this is an advertising opportunity for the app.

In 10-20 seconds, you can get your crowd excited about what they can do in the mobile app.

Create a Blog

Self-promoting on your website is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your app’s launch will gain some traction and be seen by the right audience. Write a quick blog in the form of a press release that highlights some of the app’s features and a release date. Because you have more space to dedicate to a single topic via a blog, versus a button on the website, you can dive into the details and really show off your app. Be sure to include a button that links visitors directly to the Apple or Play Store where they can download the app, and even social media buttons that allow them share the page on their own platforms.

Whether it’s on your website or within a free website, such as Blogger or Tumblr, keeping an active blog will keep your audience updated if they want more information and help to spread the word. As you make updates or have announcements, be sure to keep your blog up-to-date.

Reach out to press and local journalists to see if they’ll contribute an article on your new app. When you pitch the idea to the influencers, remember to give them the highlights about what their readers need to know, and encourage them to download and experience the app for themselves.

Add A Mobile Web Landing Page

Once your app is live, you’ll want to create a Mobile Web Landing Page to your website. At no additional cost, we’ll use your graphics and create a branded page, prompting users to download the app upon opening your website in a mobile browser. Studies have shown a 40% – 60% increase in total downloads and more than a 50% increase in the total number of sessions with the use of a mobile web landing page.

Videos & YouTube

Create a video announcing your new app! While screenshots are helpful, videos are far more engaging, and users will be more likely to share. If you can’t afford a professional demo, create a video of someone using the app highlight features, usability, benefits, and share on your website, as well as through email and social media.

Direct Mail

Physical mailers are a great way to get the attention of prospects. Consider this medium as a way to announce your app, invite them to your launch party, even provide a QR code to download the app. Get creative, and send promotional items with your branding and information on your app.