Take control of every detail of your app

iOS – Fully-native apps for the Apple Store and devices

Android – 100% native Android apps, located in the Play Store

Web – Mobile web apps to support all other devices

The AVAI Mobile Platform

A platform built to deliver powerful, out-of-the-box functionality, unprecedented access and configurability, world-class performance and scalability,

Simply, the most configurable platform ever built

Instant access to an incredible library of app features

Choose from 50+ ready-to-launch app features. Then get the benefit of any new feature we create, from now to forever.

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Need to add technologies? Good.

The AVAI Mobile Platform, AMP™, is designed to partner, not compete, with best-in-class 3rd party technologies. Your app will have access to a growing family of innovative products and services from emerging industry leaders in the mobile space. Learn more about how our platform can help connect you to business-critical technologies proven to make an impact.

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Why our as-a-service model makes sense

Most apps take a significant investment to build, then immediately begin to become obsolete after launch. Mobile technology changes daily, introducing new challenges and possibilities. To be maintained, apps require constant development and unpredictable costs. Sound reasonable? We don’t think so either.

Our platform is built with a mobile-as-a-service mindset. We design and develop things the right way once – then stay busy behind the scenes fixing bugs, improving current features and adding new stuff as soon as it becomes possible. With our model, your app will only get better with time.

Your app will only improve

Each feature is built into our platform once, for iOS and Android, then used across all apps. In doing this, features are market-tested millions of times over, and continuously improved upon.

Your pricing is predictable

Because our platform is shared across all clients, the development cost is amortized also! Get a library packed full of features, for a fraction of the cost it took to build them.

You’ll launch in weeks, not months

Our platform will give you instant access to our latest and greatest features, and enable you to quickly and easily build your app with the click of a mouse – no coding necessary.

Trusted and proven, again and again

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An approach that’s smart for everyone

We have a bigger picture in mind. What’s yours?

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Learn how our approach to mobile apps is radically different than anything you’ve ever seen.

Multiple Apps

I need scaled app launches

Multiple Apps

Discover how our platform is carefully designed to help strategic partners deploy and manage groups of mobile apps.

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We’ll walk you through our platform, and show you what’s behind truly successful apps

Our mission is to provide a better way to build and manage mobile apps. Learn how we’re reinventing how brands go mobile!

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