The Lengths of Apple’s Secrets

Part of the enchantment of Apple is its ability to surprise everyone with its products. The company’s extreme privacy has sparked up many groups dedicated to tearing down Apple’s erected walls, shattering their frosted windows, and breaking the chains holding their work-in-process products to desks. Groups like 9to5mac have deemed themselves “Apple Intelligence” by dedicating [...]

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The “Tortoise” and the “Hare” Race of Wearable Technology—Google vs. Apple

Wearable technology is not a new subject, but has been brought to great attention recently with the announcement and limited release of Google Glass. Glass has already been released to 4,000 lucky participants of the Google Glass Explorer program, so naturally we all can’t help but turn to Apple and wonder what they have up [...]

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Instagram v.s. Vine

The battle between Instagram and Vine lives on as both social networking applications release new updates to vie for the top spot in popularity. Earlier this month, Vine made technology news for finally releasing their 6-second video-recording application to Android users. According to Topsy, just a few days later, Vine edged passed Instagram with more [...]

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