How People Really Use Mobile

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article illustrating how people REALLY use their mobile devices, and where marketers go wrong attempting to engage them. The Seven Primary Motivations In a study, "Seven Shades of Mobile," conducted by InsightsNow for AOL and BBDO, researchers derived seven overarching motivations consumers use their mobile devices for, parallel [...]

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10 Statistics About Mobile

Mobile is quickly becoming a must-have, and brands are acutely aware of the fact. Here are 10 stats to think about: 1. The U.S. is at 101% wireless penetration. (CTIA) 2. 1 billion smartphones will be shipped globally this year. (Gartner) 3. 85% of mobile users prefer mobile apps over the mobile Web. (Compuware) 4. [...]

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“10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer” – Entrepreneur

With so many developers in the industry, finding the right one is not easy. Entrepreneur Media recently published 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer: 1. Where can I find examples of apps you've developed? Great mobile app developers should have lists of apps created they willingly and prominently display. Get links [...]

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Flurry: “It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It.”

Yesterday, Flurry published a five year report on mobile devices and apps. "The past five years at Flurry have been wildly exciting. We joined an industry just as gas was forming to ignite a Big Bang, and we’re still orienting ourselves within its rapidly expanding universe. Since early 2008, we’ve worked with tens of thousands [...]

April Fools Laughs from Google

Yesterday was April Fools Day, a chance for the young at heart to offer something unexpected. As always, Google delivered. Check out the following, they are worth a quick laugh! Google Nose (beta) Gmail Blue Google Treasure Mode Google Apps - Levity Algorithm

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