Infographic: “Exploring the Mobile Landscape”

If I said that every day, more Android phones are activated than babies are born, would that surprise you? Probably not, actually. What if I said 4 times as many Android devices are activated than babies are born? New Relic offers some surprising data around the mobile landscape. Did you know, on average: Over 60% [...]

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9 Reasons Mobile Apps Get Rejected From the App Store

VentureBeat recently released an article about "9 surprising reasons mobile apps get rejected from the Apple app store." Before you submit your app, take a quick look! 1. Indication the App is Unfinished While the Play store might allows it, the Apple app store is very stringent about allowing an unfinished app into the app [...]

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Samsung reveals Galaxy S4

It's here. The Galaxy S4. Yesterday, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York, Samsung officially announced the new Galaxy S4 smartphone. JK Shin, head of Mobile Communications at Samsung, said the new design is "inspired by the people of the world," and that he is "very confident about how its innovations" will improve [...]

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SXSW By the Numbers

South by Southwest is in full swing here in Austin, Texas! With the convergence of Interactive, Music and Film, there is quite a crowd touring the city. Tech news giant, Mashable, is covering the event, and provided the following insights into the SXSW audience. 1. AGE: Did you know that 95% of attendees are between [...]

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NEWS: “Rodeo Austin boosts technology tools for fans”

AVAI Mobile's Rodeo Austin app is making headlines! Austin-based AVAI Mobile Solutions recently developed a significant enhancement to its AMP™ mobile application content management platform in hopes of spurring even greater fan interaction at the 2013 Rodeo Austin, which starts March 8 and runs through March 23. Rodeo Austin currently offers a free smartphone app, [...]

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