“New Research Finds Mobility ‘App Gap’ in Enterprise IT”

New research, conducted by independent market research firm Vanson Bourne, reveals that “despite the adoption of mobile devices and the use of personal mobile applications in the workplace, organizations are not moving fast enough to develop and deploy mobile applications for staff, customers and partners.” Consequently, organizations are creating an “App Gap.” Data encompassing 600 [...]

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“7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses”

The mobile revolution is opening new opportunities daily, and businesses are taking notice. After all, not since the internet has such a promising channel become mainstream. Follows are a few ways businesses are using mobile apps to generate additional revenue: 1. “Geo-Targeted Push Notifications” The basic idea here is to push notifications to smartphone users [...]

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Infographic: How Long Does it Take to Build the Average Mobile App?

It's a commonly asked question: How long does it take to make a mobile app? Recently, Kinvey, Inc surveyed 100 iOS, Android and HTML5 developers to provide some insight on this topic. Kinvey determined that creating a single native app from start to finish (or at least release) takes a team about 18 weeks (If [...]

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