Will the Mobile Revolution “Extend Your Business Faster than the Web Did”?

I recently heard a bold statement from Forrester Research that “the mobile revolution will extend your business model faster than the web did.” Thomas Husson, a principal analyst for Forrester Research , recently had this prediction in response to a “mobile monetization gap” he has been observing in the modern marketplace. The fact is “that [...]

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Infographic: Is Mobile Internet Replacing Desktop?

The use of mobile web is exponentially increasing, growing 500% in the past two years. The fact is, mobile technology has finally reached a price point that is affordable by the public at large. Smartphones and tablets have reinvented the technological landscape, changing the way people access information and content. The following infographic outlines recent [...]

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Mobile App Development Checklist

If you choose to invest in a mobile strategy, it is important your app development process coincides with a structured plan. Below is a suggested plan for forming a mobile strategy. 1. Analyze your target audience: You probably have a good idea of who your brand’s audience is. It is valuable to layer this information [...]

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Location-Based Marketing & Push Notifications

The days of littering mailboxes with junkmail, blasting the television with commercials, and littering the newspaper with coupons and ads are numbers. Why? While most of these campaigns are intended for a specific subset of individuals, by default they usually end up hitting an audience that is either not relevant or already shell-shocked from competing [...]

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Infographic: How to Promote an App

Who says infographics need to be all about data? Blue Caribu, a Spanish-based SEO provider, published this infographic guide, offering useful advice on marketing your app. Some of the helpful hints include: Selecting a good name Bench-marking against competition Choosing the right category Design an engaging app icon Include great screen-shots Find and use traffic-driving [...]

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Obama / Romney Launch Poll-Monitoring Apps

Presidential election day is here. And for the first time in the history of this election, both candidates have launched personal mobile apps to monitor the polls. About a week ago plans first surfaced about Governor Romney providing about 20,000 campaign volunteers with a mobile app to monitor voter turnout on Election Day. The app [...]

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