Tablets Entering the Business World

I’ve noticed that the words “tablet” and “business” are increasingly heard together in today’s mobile conversation. And why not? Tablets provide mobility in the field, ease of use, sales propositions, and access to enterprise-level apps. Organizations everywhere are beginning to see and recognize the value in tablets at work, ushering in a new era of [...]

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Five (5) Reasons HTML5 Apps Aren’t Ready to Replace Native Apps

1. Tentative Consumer Behavior Unlike native mobile apps, consumers don’t understand how HTML5 apps work. Native mobile apps are simple to download, easy to use, and the market at large has comfortably adopted them. Conversely, consumers have been tentative to download HTML5 apps. They require a separate process to download, they are riddled with bugs, [...]

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Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit Reveals Secrets About Apple

Apple has kept their secrets close, divulging very little about how their products are planned and developed. Anyone savvy to business understands why this must occur for Apple to maintain a sustainable comparative advantage. But in the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung patent lawsuit, some new information has come to light about the internal [...]

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