Pew Research Study Provides New Insights

Pew Research Center has just released new insights surrounding internet use and American habits. The study, published last week, compares “the role of internet in American life” from 2000 to today. An interesting take-away from the report is the heavy influence of mobility on American culture. The following chart displays growth since 2006 in all [...]

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Dynamic Content Management

How many times do you read the same newspaper? How useful is an old TV Guide? How helpful is an outdated map? The answers are pretty obvious, right? We all know that content must be fresh and relevant or it is of little use. Shouldn’t the same logic apply to your mobile app? The challenge [...]

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Reality Enhanced

I’ve seen apps do some pretty amazing things. From providing easy access to content, to push notifications, to QR Codes; apps are quickly turning mobile devices into increasingly revolutionary tools. But of all the innovative features currently available, none have yet to capture my imagination like ‘Augmented Reality.’ Augmented Reality takes a real-time view of [...]

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